Serene and her team were so committed to helping us sell our house. They are personable, approachable and easy to deal with. I appreciated that Serene always made herself available and kept briefed on everything. She also has good contacts and a keen eye for detail that were able to help us prepare our home for sale. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
— Lalaine, Ngunnawal

I used to live in Canberra for 9 years and then relocated to Singapore for work, not able to manage my property easily offshore, I look for Trusted Realtors to manage my home - everything is taken care of. I like the communication with my agent, it is informal and things will be taken care of quickly. The main benefit is that Trusted Realtors help you in handling everything - should you need it. Once I need to file an insurance claim and Trusted Realtors just settle everything for me! - KAR WAI, HARRSION

感谢你的帮助 使我的房子能在一个半月以内顺利的从小装修到open,到签合同卖房,在我一次也没回去堪培拉的情况下顺利的卖掉并顺利交接。有房子的人都明白,卖房是一件很反锁麻烦的事情,房子多多少少都要装修,整理一下才放到市场上。我人在墨尔本,没办法回去堪培拉亲自做到这些。幸亏有你在那里,及时的帮我联系装修工人,帮我验收,并帮我把open安排的井井有条。这期间,有很多买家虽然只是感兴趣,但是最后没有出价,你还是会每周认真的把你open那天的情况反映给我,这是我觉得对你的信任倍感增加。最后尘埃落定,买家满意,我也满意。没有你的话我想我的房子现在还在市场上卖呢。你不断的帮我争取更高更有利的价格,这是我非常非常满意的。如果有机会,我还会把我其他房子拿给你来卖,因为我觉得在我接触的这么多卖房中介里,你是唯一一个有耐心有诚信有热情的房屋中介。你很专业,谢谢你.
— Wannie, Harrison